Little Italy

In the 1920’s Italian immigrants flooded into sunny San Diego, looking to strike it rich in the then booming tuna industry. As they set down roots, they formed what is now referred to as Little Italy, located just northwest of downtown. This cultured neighborhood is the oldest of its kind in the city. It is […]

Veterans Day Freebies

Veterans Day is one remarkable holiday. The nation comes together to celebrate our veterans and thank them for all they have done to protect our freedom. At Lincoln military Housing, we believe in year round Veterans Day and constantly strive to serve all of our active duty families and thank our beloved veterans. On this […]

Staying Healthy while Eating Out

Between work, errands and toting the kids to soccer, ballet, and math club there seems to be fewer hours in each day and waning stores of energy. On those days where there just isn’t time to cook a homemade meal, eating out is a time and energy saving asset. Yet, many of you ask the […]

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