Get Your Gaze On at “Gazin’ with the Experts”

Looking into the cosmos with your naked eye, through a telescope, or both, can be a fun, relaxing hobby and even lead to a passionate career for some. So perhaps your child can spark a galactic interest in the stars if you take them to “Gazin’ with the Experts.” You and the kiddos can stargaze […]

Be Sure to Hit the Many Ice Rinks in Town

In the northern regions of the U.S. ice skating is a way of life. Along with playing hockey, ice skating on frozen ponds is a top pastime, but unfortunately (and fortunately, as well) we don’t have the climate to support those areas of recreation–naturally. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ice skating right here in Southern Cal; […]

Make a Visit to the U.S. Olympic Training Center

As the song says, “It never rains in Southern California…” but when the skies decide to open up on us on occasion (especially in March), the Olympic Training Center is a good place for you to spend time out of the rain. The all-weather, 150-acre complex trains 4,000 athletes per year, supporting their efforts to […]

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