Little Italy

In the 1920’s Italian immigrants flooded into sunny San Diego, looking to strike it rich in the then booming tuna industry. As they set down roots, they formed what is now referred to as Little Italy, located just northwest of downtown. This cultured neighborhood is the oldest of its kind in the city. It is […]

San Diego Farmer’s Markets

Living in California means that produce is grown year round just miles from your doorstep, and consequently a heap of local farmers markets to choose from. Farmers markets are a great way to eat seasonally and boost your family’s nutrient count. You can also score some pretty good deals and find heirloom produce that doesn’t […]

Eating Seasonally

Seasonal eating is a great way to maximize the nutrient count in your diet. Eating seasonally means that your produce doesn’t travel thousands of miles to get to your grocery store. Fruits and vegetables can lose a lot of their nutrient content in the journey. As an added bonus, seasonal produce is usually a less […]

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