San Diego Old Town

Here in San Diego the famed “Birthplace of California” is right in our backyard. This treasure, now called Old Town, was the first permanent settlement in the Golden State. A mission was established on the land in 1769 and now, well over 200 years later, this state park retains much of its historic charm and […]

Blue Star Museums

Summer break is a time filled with lengthy park visits, sunny neighborhood adventures and sand-castle-building beach activities. Even when the kids are taking a break from the books, some quality learning can be added to their summer schedule as well – especially if you can sneak it in as fun. The Blue Star Museums program […]

Padres Military Discount

We might be at the tail end of the MLB season, but the San Diego Padres still have a whopping 25 home games to go. If you are a baseball cap wearing, hot dog eating, peanut chomping fan, that’s 25 chances to take the family out to the ball game. Baseball is a great sport. […]

Staying Healthy while Eating Out

Between work, errands and toting the kids to soccer, ballet, and math club there seems to be fewer hours in each day and waning stores of energy. On those days where there just isn’t time to cook a homemade meal, eating out is a time and energy saving asset. Yet, many of you ask the […]

Chollas Lake Park

Tucked away among the houses and shopping centers of the Chollas neighborhood in San Diego, you will find a rare neighborhood treat – Chollas Lake Park. The lake is in the backyard of our Chollas Heights community and these lucky residents can enjoy the park after a short 10 minute walk. This recreation center harbors […]

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