Mt. Laguna

Year round sunshine is nothing to complain about, but if you are craving some winter adventure this season, go check out Mt. Laguna. Mt. Laguna is located in San Diego County (just 1 hour east of downtown SD!) and sits nearly 6,000 feet above sea level making it the perfect location for enjoying traditional winter […]

Veterans Day Freebies

Veterans Day is one remarkable holiday. The nation comes together to celebrate our veterans and thank them for all they have done to protect our freedom. At Lincoln military Housing, we believe in year round Veterans Day and constantly strive to serve all of our active duty families and thank our beloved veterans. On this […]

While blistering summer temperatures tempt even the most passionate outdoor enthusiasts to stay inside air conditioned spaces during the summer, the cooler fall temperatures make this the perfect season for us all to head outside for some adventure. There are many hiking trails in San Diego for your whole family to enjoy. Pick a beachside […]

San Diego Pumpkin Patches

The fall season in San Diego might be sunny and 75, but many come from places where the leaves turn color, the air becomes crisp, and the sky gets gray. Just because we’re in perpetual summer – not that we are complaining here! – doesn’t mean favorite fall traditions can’t be celebrated. Pumpkin picking is […]

San Diego Farmer’s Markets

Living in California means that produce is grown year round just miles from your doorstep, and consequently a heap of local farmers markets to choose from. Farmers markets are a great way to eat seasonally and boost your family’s nutrient count. You can also score some pretty good deals and find heirloom produce that doesn’t […]

Eating Seasonally

Seasonal eating is a great way to maximize the nutrient count in your diet. Eating seasonally means that your produce doesn’t travel thousands of miles to get to your grocery store. Fruits and vegetables can lose a lot of their nutrient content in the journey. As an added bonus, seasonal produce is usually a less […]

Anytime Military Discounts

Discounts and special offers – we all love them when we find them, but the finding can be the tricky part. Sometimes it feels like deals are hidden and when you finally catch wind of these bargains, it’s too late. We have scoured the web for some anytime military discounts. Head to one of these […]

San Diego Old Town

Here in San Diego the famed “Birthplace of California” is right in our backyard. This treasure, now called Old Town, was the first permanent settlement in the Golden State. A mission was established on the land in 1769 and now, well over 200 years later, this state park retains much of its historic charm and […]

Padres Military Discount

We might be at the tail end of the MLB season, but the San Diego Padres still have a whopping 25 home games to go. If you are a baseball cap wearing, hot dog eating, peanut chomping fan, that’s 25 chances to take the family out to the ball game. Baseball is a great sport. […]

Staying Healthy while Eating Out

Between work, errands and toting the kids to soccer, ballet, and math club there seems to be fewer hours in each day and waning stores of energy. On those days where there just isn’t time to cook a homemade meal, eating out is a time and energy saving asset. Yet, many of you ask the […]

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