HGLMH Design Showcase

June 18, 2021

The Garcia family currently lives in Miramar Milcon in San Diego, CA.

Mrs. Garcia has worked to create a home that caters to comfort.

“I think the most important part of designing your home is considering how it makes you feel. I strive for everyone’s comfort, to make a place that is relaxing and functional. For our family that means keeping it simple, less visual clutter, but that can mean something else to another family.” She opts to invest in a few high quality items, prioritizing items that will last a long time over fleeting trends.

Mrs. Garcia advises families sign up for emails from stores to stay aware of any deals, and also frequents resale pages for reasonable prices on gently used items. Empathetic to the challenges of moving, Mrs. Garcia is happy to regift items their new home has no use for to help out neighbors when her family moves.

Congratulations to the Garcia family, Lincoln’s HGLMH Showcase winner.

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