August is Friendship Month

August 2, 2020

“True friends are always together in spirit.” – L.M. Montgomery

As we have all been navigating through the pandemic and social distancing, we have learned new ways to connect, and even tapped into some old ways to keep our friendships strong. In celebration of #NationalFriendshipDay on August 2nd, Lincoln is celebrating Friendship Month for all of August. Here are some tips to help you keep in touch:

  • Reach out to old friends from school, your neighborhood, or friends you met at a previous duty station. Reconnecting and reminiscing could bring some much needed laughter and good vibes during a tough time.

  • Build new memories and meet new friends by joining one of Lincoln’s upcoming virtual events.  These events will allow you to connect with other military families.  In August, Lincoln will be hosting Dinner and A Class, Spouse Club, Marriage Seminar, and Stroller Strides virtually.

  • Zoom and other video conferencing platforms are a great way to safely have facetime with people you’re missing. If you’re finding video calls exhausting, Facebook and Netflix now have Watch Parties to allow people to watch videos together, taking some of the focus away from having to be on camera the whole time.

  • Mail cards to let your friends know you are thinking of them.  This is a great way to send a long distance hug and let them know they are supported.

  • Use a phone and call your friends and check on them. Friendships add support and comfort and with the current pandemic causing a rise in depression, your friends might need a friendly voice to cheer them up.

  • As parents, take some time to role-play making new friends with your kids so they are ready for when they go back to school. 

Friendships can lead to overall better health, being happier, gaining experiences, the feeling of being supported, a sense of belonging, and more.  From all of us at Lincoln, thank you for being our friend!  We look forward to connecting with you all month at our events! For event information, please check your newsletter or visit!

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