Arts for Learning Explores the Military Experience

March 11, 2020

For the last 10 years Lincoln Military Housing has partnered with the non-profit group “Arts for Learning” in a collaborative program called the Military Arts Connection (MAC). Through this partnership, military families have been able to engage their families in meaningful and entertaining art experiences. Each month families are introduced to a different theme and learn about art and history through quality interactive performances. We are only two programs into 2020, kicking off in January with a lively interactive performance by the SDSU Performing Arts Troupe, however last night’s program was truly something special.

Led by visual artist Stacie Greene, families were given masks to decorate and collage with what the military experience has meant to them. They were told that if they wish to share their work, they have the option to allow their art to be displayed in March and April at the Point Loma Library for the Month of the Military Child. As happens often with these programs, adults and children alike worked diligently on these projects, and the wide array of creative results were impressive- but what was most incredible was that, while we typically focus mostly on the children in these programs, the adults were especially engaged and created some of the most impactful pieces I have ever seen at an event.

The photo below is of a couple who had worked separately with their young daughter between them. When they were wrapping up their projects, they told us they were both amazed at the similarities between their two pieces, not only in color but also the duality of their life together- both the joys and the struggles. They were kind enough to share both their story and their art with us and were one of the last families to leave. I snapped these photos when the father came back so that he could look at his mask “one last time” before they left.

Our partnership with Arts for Learning is an event I know our families look forward to every time we run it and we are constantly getting feedback from families saying how much they enjoy the chance to bond together and expose their children to the arts in such a collaborative way. We are proud of what this program has meant for so many and look forward to continuing this partnership with Arts for Learning.

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