HGLMH Design Showcase

February 25, 2020

The Capps family are residents at the Village at NTC in San Diego. Mrs. Capps loves watching Fixer Upper, Flea Market Flip and Home Town on HGTV because she finds beauty in older homes. According to Mrs. Capps, her taste is not very modern, so she says that “it’s nice to see how other people can turn something old and make it look new without losing any of the item or place’s original charm and beauty”. Additionally, her favorite places to shop for home decors are Wayfair, Target, World Market and Home Goods. One tip she can share with others is that “no home is picture perfect all the time. It’s really easy to get caught up in looking ‘Instagram perfect’ all the time, but it’s unrealistic. It’s better to find a design that you feel comfortable in and is functional for your family. I would say to look for inspiration online or in magazines, but always add that livability factor. The most beautiful homes I’ve seen aren’t the ones that make it to the magazines, but the ones that show how a family lives in it.”

Congratulations to the Capps family for being, Lincoln Military Housing’s HGLMH Showcase winner.

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