HGLMH Design Showcase – September 2019

October 7, 2019

Military Spouse Camila Salazar created a home that is comfortable and convenient in her Village of Serra Mesa home in San Diego, California. Mrs. Salazar enjoys shopping for bargains that she can make her own decorations with. She painted some walls in her home to add dimension, but this also makes it easier for moving out to not have to repaint all the walls. Her tip for military families is to make everything convenient.

She placed barstools at the counter in the kitchen because it is a more reasonable place for her family to eat rather than the dinner table every night. She turned the dog treats into decoration on the shelves which helped make it convenient and get rid of clutter in her the pantry. Her idea is to make everything feel fresh and open and not cluttered or confined. “If you’re into making your own decorations like me, always look out for deals. Everything is always on sale every other week,” says Mrs. Salazar.

Congratulations to the Salazar family, Lincoln Military Housing’s HGLMH Showcase winner.

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