Blue Star Theaters

March 1, 2016

The current ease of watching a story on the screen is as simple as pressing a power button and heading to your instant que, but if you grew up with a love of the theater, you know the unparalleled pleasure of watching a story unfold in real time. Each play is unique, each rendition its own. You become part of a story that will never again be told in the exact same way.

Snagging tickets at a reasonable price to quality curtain-drawn entertainment can be quite tricky, and that’s why the Blue Star Theater program was started in 2012. There aim is to make a night out at the theater easier for service members and their families. Theaters with the Blue Star designation offer discounted or free admission for active duty military and their families, as well as veterans.

The program opened with 22 participating theaters. They have since grown to 151 participants, 11 if which are in Southern California with 6 of those being right here in San Diego County.

For participating theaters and show listings, visit the Blue Star Theaters website.

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