San Diego Farmer’s Markets

October 13, 2015

Living in California means that produce is grown year round just miles from your doorstep, and consequently a heap of local farmers markets to choose from. Farmers markets are a great way to eat seasonally and boost your family’s nutrient count. You can also score some pretty good deals and find heirloom produce that doesn’t make it onto the isles of your neighborhood grocery store.

In addition to freshly picked produce, many of the San Diego farmer’s markets offer a selection of hand-made items such as hats, jewelry, jam, and artisan cheese. Some even include live music for the whole family to enjoy.

Whether you want to make a weeknight stop for some dinner supplies or head out on the weekend with the kids in tow, San Diego has the Farmers Market for you.

For more information on your local markets hours and location, visit the Farm Bureau of San Diego County.

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