Whale Watching Is Must-Do Activity in San Diego

January 24, 2013


If you’ve never seen a whale up close and personal, know that it’s one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have. To see such a gargantuan creature in person really puts things into perspective–it’s a good thing whales live in water! Here’s a little background information on whale watching…

California Gray Whales undergo their annual migration from Alaska through San Diego and into Baja California during the months of December through April. While migrating the whales are close to shore and can be seen from land or sea, which is why whale watching is at its best during this time.

Occasionally, the whales will pause and play, breaching and sending huge sprays of water–this actually may be how you spot the whales. Take the family out to the beach (with binoculars) or jump on one of the many whale cruises offered, just be sure not to miss out on San Diego Whale Watching.



photo courtesy of flickr

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