San Diego’s Only Halloween Parade

October 25, 2016 11:01 am

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Things are getting spooky this weekend all over San Diego. It's Halloween weekend, and you certainly don’t want to miss out the fun-filled events that are going on throughout the city. Get your costumes out for The Boulevard Boo Parade. This Saturday, October 29th, 2016 will be the 12th year of San Diego’s only Halloween Parade, and it will be loads of fun for the family to enjoy. There will be live music, entertainment, and more spooky prizes for all to enjoy.

The Parade will begin at 10 am so be sure to arrive early to ensure that you will find parking. Roads are expected to close at 9 am. There will be free parking at The College Avenue Baptist Church (4747 College Avenue, San Diego CA 92115). The Boo Parade will travel east beginning from El Cajon Boulevard, crossing College Avenue and conclude at Aragon Drive.

This event is FREE, but tickets are available for the Grandstand area. It will be the first time the Boo Parade will have a seating area. Enjoy seating at a central and prime location to view the parade with shade and light refreshments provided by the College Area’s local businesses.

Here is a map of all of the roads that will be blocked off.

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7 Reasons Why Extracurricular Activities Are Important

October 18, 2016 11:00 am

Homework time can sometimes be a hassle. Getting the kids to focus and complete assignments may seem impossible some days. However, there may be a remedy to help with your children’s focus. Studies have shown that children who are involved with extracurricular activities have improved their academic performances.
What is an extracurricular activity (ECA)?
Parents often think that sports are the only ECA that is available for their child to participate in, but sports isn’t the only option. An extracurricular activity is any activity that falls outside of you or your children’s academic curriculum.
Here are seven reasons as to why your kids should be involved with an extracurricular activity.

1. Self-esteem
Getting your child involved with an ECA will build confidence. Being involved with an after-school program will allow your kids to master new skills. An environment that gives your child self-respect is one that is stress-free and allows them to relax and have fun! Giving them this time will also help them to refocus and recall the criteria that they are studying at school.

2. Time Management
Adding another event to the calendar may seem hectic to start out, but it will teach your child time management at an earlier age. Challenge your kids to get their things together the night before they participate in their ECA.

3. Social Development
ECA will help your children to make new friends. It will also allow them to make a contribution to a team or your community, which will help them prepare for life outside of academics.

4. Teamwork
Activities that require your children to work together with other kids toward a common goal is excellent. Whether its sports teams, clubs, or playing games with other children in the park, working with others will help your child to develop good teamwork skills.

5. Goal Setting
After-school activities will develop your children’s goal setting techniques. Whether it’s winning a game or getting a lead role in the school play, these activities will help your child to work on setting goals and have fun at the same time.

6. Explore Interest
Being able to choose from multiple activities will help your child find out what they 're passionate about outside of academics. Finding out their passions and discovering new talents will build their dignity and allow them to explore a diverse interest.

7. College Preparation
College may seem like it’s far away, but everything that your children does now will help them prepare for college. Colleges look at the activities that students are involved in outside of academics. Student’s that are involved in ECA are more likely to graduate from college.

Photo from: e-learning infographics

Remember, extracurricular activities aren't just playing sports or being in competition. Being a part of a club or team can be something that your children create by meeting up with other kids in the community to play games in the park. Allowing your children that time to step away from academics and electronics will help them to develop skills that will assist them throughout their adult life.

Here is a list of programs and locations throughout the county of San Diego that provide extracurricular activities for your children.

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Halloween Jack O’Lantern Hack

October 11, 2016 12:31 pm

Halloween is almost here! Parents and kids will soon walk door to door to fill their goody bags with candy. If you haven’t already started making your Jack O’Lantern, now is the time for you to get started. I have got a few hacks that will keep you and the kid’s safe in the process of creating your Lantern.

Can’t keep the pumpkin still?

Cut the bottom of your pumpkin out. By cutting the pumpkin at the bottom, it will keep your odd shaped pumpkin from moving while you’re trying to carve, which means you’re less likely to get cut or lose a finger in the process. You will also be very thankful when it’s time to put the candle inside. Simply just place the pumpkin over the top for the candle instead of trying to stick your hand into light the Lantern.

I don’t want my kids using the carving tools.

The thought of your children attempting to carve a pumpkin probably has your stomach turning right now. Don’t worry! Bring the camera out and take fun photos to glue on your pumpkin. The pumpkin will make for a great picture frame for the holiday season. The kids can also bring out the paint and markers for this as well. It will be tons of fun, and you won’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt.

How do I make my lantern last longer?

Put a teaspoon of bleach in a spray bottle with water. Spraying the inside of the pumpkin and where you carved will kill bacteria that causes the pumpkin to rot. You can also soak the pumpkin for 4 – 6 hours in bleach water. Use one teaspoon for every gallon of water you use. Make sure that you have carved the pumpkin before soaking it.

You can also use petroleum jelly on the areas that you’ve carved; it will keep mold and other bacteria from growing on or in the pumpkin.

I don’t know how I feel about a candle being inside the pumpkin.

Putting a candle on the inside of your Lantern is a fire hazard, especially if you are using bleach to disinfect your lantern. We don’t want the kids to play with fire at all. Use a glow stick instead. It will be a great way for you to keep the Lanterns glowing while you sleep through the night worry free. If you have Christmas lights, place them on the inside of the lantern.

You’re all set! Be sure to pick up your pumpkins from your local grocery store instead of the pumpkin patch. The prices at the grocery store will be a lot lower, and they often have a “2 for 1” deal around this time.

Like this post, if you’re going to be carving your Lanterns this Halloween! Be sure to share with us how yours turns out! Happy Halloween!

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